Dr. George Rapier III , President and CEO

A resident of Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands, Dr. George Rapier, III is a founding Member of RapierMed, serving as President and CEO to the company. Dr. Rapier is a renowned medical practitioner well known for his work with WellMed Medical Management, Inc., which he founded  in 1990 as a managed care delivery company focusing on proactive and preventative healthcare based on strong relationships with his senior patients. WellMed and its more than 12,000 employees are directly responsible for more than 700,000 Medicare lives Dr. Rapier leads RapierMed in a similar fashion, seeking opportunities to improve lives through strategic partnership and investment. He has extensive experience in recognizing and analyzing opportunities at an early phase and structuring positions and alliances that propel projects forward. RapierMed operates principally as an investment and consulting firm through which Dr. Rapier conducts his investing and philanthropic activities.

Robert V. Goldsmith, III, VP Operations and General Counsel

A resident of the US Virgin Islands,  “Trey” Goldsmith is a founding Member of RapierMed, serving as Vice President and General Counsel to the company. Mr. Goldsmith brings his experience as a litigator, counselor, and advocate in the areas of business planning and investment, corporate  governance, and crisis management to RapierMed. His focus in MedTech, e-commerce, mergers and acquisitions, and government relations places him in a unique position to develop and implement core investment strategies for the company. Mr. Goldsmith has extensive experience in US and international deal structuring and funding matters involving proprietary capital and that of third parties, which is leveraged towards refining and executing  broad investment strategies. He is principally responsible  for investment management and target acquisition decisions for RapierMed.